Procurement principles of LEG Immobilien SE taking into account sustainable aspects

At LEG Immobilien SE, Central Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of everything from materials and services for construction and modernization measures to office supplies in administration, and thus also for the associated ecological and social aspects. LEG relies on a transparent and fair procurement process that is based on defined purchasing and compliance guidelines. Resource-conserving and socially responsible procurement practices are therefore an integral part of the purchasing strategy, in addition to cost-effectiveness in the procurement process.

The objective is to ensure compliance with environmental, labor and social standards in the supply chain and to optimize these if deficits are identified. The sustainability of LEG's procurement processes is based on the transparency and continuity of our business relationships, compliance with regulatory requirements, environmental, social and labor standards, and the responsible use of materials, products and services.

When selecting our suppliers, LEG focuses not only on cost-effectiveness and practical suitability for the respective trades, but also on occupational safety, health, the environment and fair business practices. Close interaction with a large number of our business partners gives LEG the necessary insight and access to subcontractors, which not only builds trust but also provides opportunities for monitoring. In this context, LEG checks in random audits by means of a survey via questionnaire and personal follow-up discussions that necessary documentation obligations as well as socially responsible behavior are complied with. The implementation of a regular supplier evaluation by the Purchasing department is an important cornerstone for sustainable supplier development.

By focusing on relevant market standards in procurement, innovative developments and quality throughout the entire product and supply chain, LEG ensures attractive and affordable housing, but does not disregard the necessary environmental and social aspects of the procurement process.

Lars von Lackum (CEO)

Susanne Schröter-Crossan (CFO)

Dr. Volker Wiegel (COO)

Düsseldorf, Germany, Autumn 2021
(Validity confirmed in Autumn 2022 - Next policy review in 2023)