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Biomasse Heizkraftwerk Siegerland GmbH Co. KG (BHSi) is a subsidiary of the LEG Immobilien Group.

Green energy from waste wood

The plant thermally recycles processed waste wood in German Waste Wood Ordinance classes A1 to A4 that is at the end of its useful life and that is generated by human use in order to generate sustainable, carbon-neutral energy.

In addition to prepared wood chips, the plant can accept coarsely pre-broken wood from regional municipal enterprises and process it for recycling. This helps municipal enterprises to recycle waste wood and prevents long journeys for waste disposal.

The electricity and heat energy generated from the renewable energy source of wood is equivalent to around 57,500 tonnes of CO₂ every year. The power generated is fed into the existing grid of the regional network operator West Netz GmbH and marketed directly in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The electrical output averages 15.3 MWel depending on heat distribution factors. This means approximately 105,000 MWh of carbon-neutral electricity is generated every year. This is enough to provide carbon-neutral energy for around 45,000 of LEG’s residential units, or for 21,000 medium-sized cars assuming annual mileage of 15,000 km. In addition, the heat generated is fed into the local district heating network, which supplies Siegerland Airport and the majority of the adjacent industrial estate with carbon-neutral district heating.

Key figures

Products: Electricity and district heating

Power generation for around 45,000 residential units
District heating production for the Siegerland Airport industrial estate

Annual CO2 saving

57,500 tonnes ≈ CO2 emissions of around 21,000 Volkswagen Golfs or other medium-sized cars


110,000 tonnes of waste wood ≈ 4,800 bulk waste trucks, 86 km if parked end-to-end

Combustion output of biomass boiler49,9 MW
Steam generated by biomass boiler (47 bar, 455°C)65,0 t/h
Standby boiler for district heating14,5 MW
Electrical output15,3 MWel
Electricity generated p.a.105.000 MWh
Fuel used: Biomass waste wood (A1-A4)110.000 t/a
Flue gas purification

Dry flue gas extractor in accordance with the Seventeenth Ordinance on the Implementation of the German Federal Pollution Control Act (17. BimSchV) and SNCR flue gas recirculation for optimised combustion and grate cooling

Investmentapprox. EUR 35 million



The LEG Immobilien Group acquired the former Siegerland Airport in 1999 and developed it as an industrial/commercial site. LEG has marketed the plots at the location ever since. Among other things, in 2005/2006 the housing company worked with Ökotech GmbH to construct a carbon-neutral biomass cogeneration plant using decentralised cogeneration technology. The plant has been generating electricity and heat energy efficiently since June 2006. The heat is used to supply local industrial and commercial customers and the airport building via district heating connections. The electricity is fed into the network operator’s grid as renewable (green) electricity and helps to contribute to the sustainable energy supply in Germany. The volume of electricity generated every year is roughly equivalent to that of an onshore wind farm with around 20 large wind turbines.

How a biomass power plant works (German only)


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