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Managing sustainability efficiently and reliably

EUR 16,000,000

At the end of 2019, we significantly stepped up our social commitment with the launch of the new “Your Home Helps” foundation with capital of EUR 16 million.

5,400 tonnes of CO2 saved

In 2019, we modernised around 4,800 residential units, saving around 5,400 tonnes of CO2 as a result. At the start of 2020, we also co-founded the “Housing Initiative.2050” climate policy alliance, which searches for solutions to make the housing stock climate-neutral by 2050.

At least 500 new apartments per year

As part of our new construction campaign, we intend to build or acquire at least 500 new apartments per year from 2023 onwards in order to create both privately financed and publicly subsidised housing. As a responsible company, we also meet high governance standards, with a particular focus on ensuring that cooperation with our employees is entirely free from discrimination.

Over 120 tenant events per year

In 2019, LEG organised an event for its tenants almost every three days on average.


EUR 1.1 billion modernisation investment programme to 2022

We are planning to invest around EUR 1.1 billion in maintenance and modernisation between 2020 and 2022. Among other things, this will create jobs directly in the region, particularly for tradespeople, and hence strengthen North Rhine-Westphalia as an economic location.