Members of the management and supervisory board

Dr. Volker Wiegel

Members of the management and supervisory board

Dr. Volker Wiegel

Country of birth: Germany (Hamburg)

Nationality: German

Year of birth: 1976


Since 2019

Chief Operating Officer of LEG Immobilien SE
Appointed until the end of december 2023

Responsible for:

Asset and Property Management; including Commercial Management, Neighbourhood Management, Property Management, Modernization of the stock, Central Procurement, Receivables management, Rent management, Operating Expenses Management, TechnikServicePlus GmbH, EnergieServicePlus GmbH



Since 2013

Various positions at LEG Immobilien SE, Düsseldorf; started as General Counsel of the Legal department; integrated the Audit & Compliance division into the new division “Legal, Audit and Compliance”; additionally took on the role of Compliance Officer; set up the “Legal case management” team (2015) and the “Business process management” team (2017), renamed the division as “Legal, structure and organisation”; took the lead role in supporting business process management and Group-wide projects for the development of business activities 


Lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Frankfurt, focusing on capital market and corporate law


Degree in economics; second state law examination at Kammergericht (state court) of the federal state of Berlin; doctorate at Humboldt University of Berlin with a legal and economic analysis of European capital market law; studied in Freiburg, Berlin and Hagen