Employee and Diversity Policy

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination at LEG Immobilien SE. Equal treatment is enshrined in Article 3 of the German Basic Law. In the German General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG), the law has created a further basis that at the same time protects and promotes diversity. This notwithstanding, we firmly believe that diversity enriches and contributes to the success of LEG Immobilien SE. We therefore hold each of our employees in high regard and treat them with respect, regardless of their race or ethical origin, religion, political or other ideologies, gender, disability, age, sexual identity, national or social original and language.

We are committed to equal opportunities in the selection and ongoing development of our employees. To illustrate this commitment, including to the public at large, in 2019 LEG Immobilien SE signed the Diversity Charter, an employers’ initiative to promote diversity in the workplace. LEG is therefore committed to an organisational culture of diversity and a working environment free from prejudice.
At LEG, diversity and equal opportunities are intended to achieve a balanced workforce composition, gender equality and work-life balance with the aid of workshops, seminars, family service and health management.

The applicable legal system and all official provisions in Germany, where we conduct our business, form the foundation for the assertion of equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity at LEG Immobilien SE.

If employees feel that they have been discriminated against, they can speak to the anti-discrimination officer, the HR department or the Works Council in confidence.
Responsibility for implementing the Employee and Diversity Policy lies with the Head of Legal & Compliance, Internal Audit/Committees/HR.
In order to operationalise the Employee and Diversity Policy, LEG and its wholly owned subsidiaries rely on various works guidelines and agreements, such as:

Through these voluntary works agreements and the applicable legal system in Germany, LEG strives to implement the Employee and Diversity Policy in relation to its own employees.

Lars von Lackum (CEO)

Dr. Kathrin Köhling (CFO)

Dr. Volker Wiegel (COO)

Düsseldorf, Germany, Autumn 2021
(Validity confirmed in Autumn 2023 - Next policy review in 2024)