The LEG Group’s Sustainability Mission Statement


Our understanding of responsibility

As the largest provider of affordable housing in North Rhine-Westphalia and as one of the largest housing companies in Germany, the LEG Group provides some 400,000 people in its core North Rhine-Westphalia market with homes in some 145,000 apartments. LEG and its predecessor companies have been reliable landlords for more than 90 years. As the designer of attractive housing and residential solutions, the company is a strong partner to the housing industry and local authorities. We are also an important source of business for the skilled trades, the service sector and industry.

As a company with a tradition rooted in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have been engaging in social responsibility within our neighbourhoods for some time and are committed to acting sustainably. We are also aware of our particular responsibility regarding the balanced treatment of people within society and environmental development.

As a real estate company, we create and maintain long-term value with our apartments. As such, we consider sustainable development to be about acting with foresight and in a way that safeguards value. In addition to our responsibility towards our tenants, employees, shareholders and business partners, we see it as our duty to ensure that our actions and the impact of our business activities are also in keeping with societal expectations.

Our sustainability strategy

We embrace this corporate responsibility by seeking to exceed the minimum statutory requirements and achieve continuous improvements. Our sustainability strategy revolves around five key areas of action covering the three dimensions of sustainability – environment, social affairs and economy.

1. Business management

Our business activities have a long-term focus. We pursue sustainable business development with the aim of creating added value and growth for our company and the society in which we live. Sustainable business success benefits our stakeholders in particular – in the form of investments, salaries, taxes and duties, donations and sponsorship.

2. Tenants

We provide our tenants with a home. This is a very special product. for this reason, we work on our customer focus on a daily basis. We want to focus consistently on our tenants’ needs and offer a good and liveable home for everyone – from children to senior citizens. Offering a wide range of our apartments in various locations with a variety of layouts and furnishings at reasonable prices is just the start. On top of this, our neighbourhoods should offer safe, liveable, sustainable and diverse environments where the tenants can live well together. Not least, we offer additional services with real added value for our customers, thus providing a real home. The fact that we are present virtually throughout North-Rhine Westphalia in very different housing markets with differing requirements means that we remain agile when it comes to customer focus and service quality and are always in demand.

We always think from the customer’s perspective, and we are able to do this because we know our tenants, talk to them a lot and are happy to assist them.

3. Employees

Customer-focused, dedicated and highly qualified employees are vital for our business success. Our HR strategy is geared towards further increasing our company’s appeal for applicants and retaining good employees at the company. As part of our sustainable HR management, we identify and plan our future staff requirements on a longterm basis in alignment with the requirements of the corporate strategy. We also focus on a long-term strategy when it comes to HR development in order to maintain and improve our employees’ skills and qualifications. In our day-to-day work, we are guided by our “Principles of Management and Working Together”, which stand not least for respectful and considerate interaction with one another. The employees run the company’s core business, shape changes and serve as a bridge to the customers. In return, the company offers them an attractive and motivational work environment.

4. Environment

LEG pursues the vision of a liveable world in which people use natural resources sustainably in the long term and successfully limit global warming. The buildings sector has considerable responsibility in this respect. In Germany, building heat is responsible for around 24 percent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. In this area of action, we therefore focus on climate protection measures. As a housing company, we focus on reducing the energy used in providing heating and hot water to our apartments through energy-efficient buildings. We also support the use of low-emission and renewable energies. We involve our tenants by informing them about energy saving and resource conservation via targeted measures.

5. Society

The strengthening of local structures for sustainable and liveable neighbourhoods is a key task to which we are committed. In addition to our social and integrative work within neighbourhoods, this area of action comprises measures through which we can contribute our real estate expertise toward the solving of general societal challenges, for example by providing living space in conurbations.

We set ourselves concrete annual goals in each of these five areas of action. These goals contribute to the implementation of our sustainability strategy and are tracked and monitored continuously. Our sustainability goals are summarised in a company-wide plan of measures. To firmly establish the principles of sustainability within our corporate structure and to steer our sustainability strategy, we created a governance structure for sustainability comprising the Management Board, the division heads and appropriate specialists. All the company divisions are coordinated centrally by Corporate Communications.

Our understanding of dialogue

We achieve transparency by publishing our goals, measures, activities and progress annually in our sustainability report. We regularly engage in dialogue with all our stakeholders in order to take external expectations into account. These stakeholders include tenants, employees, shareholders, business partners, associations, local policymakers, municipalities, social organisations and society as a whole.

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Chief financial Officer

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