Political and social involvement policy

Fair housing requires a strong voice – but an ethical one!

The housing industry has been at the heart of social and political debate for several years. In order to be and remain a proactive part of this discussion process, LEG communicates with relevant stakeholders at EU, federal and state level such as associations, politicians, ministries, societies, think tanks, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the media. Regular talks with municipal partners are also a key element of our participation in society.

Our aim is to incorporate our on-the-ground experience and expertise into the political and social decision-making process to help find the best solutions for tenants, landlords and society. When doing so, we are always careful to strike a good balance between profitability, customer orientation and sustainability (climate, environment and social matters).

We have developed ethical principles for our social and political actions that apply to the entire LEG Immobilien Group. LEG’s current compliance regulations and Code of Conduct serve as the basis for all of the following guidelines:

  • The company or the representatives acting on behalf of the company are always named when participating in political or social discussion processes. In terms of content, this is guided by our vision of offering our customers good housing at fair prices. LEG’s participation in these activities works on the basis of sound, fact-based statements, clarity, expertise, transparency, sincerity and integrity.
  • The company is at all times non-partisan and politically neutral.
  • Relevant memberships in associations or societies are published on LEG’s website once a year.
  • Our stances on key social and political issues are clearly described on our website.
  • Direct or indirect donations to political parties, politicians, individuals running for political office and political action groups etc. are not permitted. Our general anti bribery policy also applies.
  • The principles for political activities are determined by the Management Board.
  • Those responsible for the company’s public affairs (head of CC or housing policy advisor) must be informed of any political activities in good time. The office responsible for public affairs ensures that no publicity events are held for local political candidates standing in LEG neighbourhoods or branches in the two months before an election. It will also promote an understanding of political processes and an open culture of dialogue with political stakeholders within the LEG Immobilien Group.
  • Our principles for social and political dialogue are reviewed on a regular basis.

Employees can read these principles on the intranet.

Lars von Lackum (CEO)

Susanne Schröter-Crossan (CFO)

Dr. Volker Wiegel (COO)

Düsseldorf, Germany, Autumn 2021
(Validity confirmed in Autumn 2022 - Next policy review in 2023)