Members of the Management Board

Dr. Volker Wiegel

Members of the Management Board

Dr. Volker Wiegel

Country of birth: Germany (Hamburg)

Nationality: German

Year of birth: 1976


Since 2019

Chief Operating Officer of LEG Immobilien SE (COO)
Appointed until the end of December 2026

Responsible for:

  • Asset and Property Management incl. Commercial Management, Neighbourhood Management, Property Management, Modernisation of the stock, Central Procurement, Receivables Management, Rent Management, Operating Expenses Management, Central Customer Service
  • Services Companies & Start-ups


Since 6/2019

Chief Operating Officer of LEG Immobilien SE

Since 2013

Various positions at LEG Immobilien SE, Düsseldorf; started as General Counsel of the Legal department; integrated the Audit & Compliance division into the new division “Legal, Audit and Compliance”; additionally took on the role of Compliance Officer; set up the “Legal case management” team (2015) and the “Business process management” team (2017), renamed the division as “Legal, structure and organisation”; took the lead role in supporting business process management and Group-wide projects for the development of business activities 


Lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Frankfurt, focusing on capital market and corporate law


Degree in economics; second state law examination at Kammergericht (state court) of the federal state of Berlin; doctorate at Humboldt University of Berlin with a legal and economic analysis of European capital market law; studied in Freiburg, Berlin and Hagen