Climate Protection Competency Centre

LEG focuses on climate protection in 2020: foundation of an internal competency centre

With the “Climate Protection Competency Centre” founded at the end of 2019, LEG Immobilien SE is placing the focus on the topics of climate and reducing CO2 in 2020 and subsequent years. Headed by Managing Director Ulrike Janssen, the internal expert group deals with matters relating to sustainable property management. Measures to reduce emissions in the LEG property portfolio are discussed and implemented. In this way LEG contributes not only to reaching the climate objectives in Germany, but also implementing measures for the housing industry in general.

Another objective of the “Climate Protection Competency Centre” is to build up internal CO2 reporting for measures implemented on the basis of real quantified effects to provide support when making future investment decisions.

“Initiative Wohnen.2050 e.V.” climate policy alliance

At the start of 2020, LEG Immobilen also co-founded the climate policy alliance “Initiative Wohnen.2050 e.V.”, which seeks solutions for making housing in Germany carbon-neutral by 2050. With other companies in the housing industry, the industry associations and university representatives, the initiative met for its founding meeting in February 2020.

By acting together, the task of climate protection relevant to the whole of society is to be solved. On the basis of concerted efforts, necessary decisions for providing certainty in the future can be made by all parties. The industry thus has a strong common voice to make clear to Germany the dimension of the challenge.