LEG Immobilien AG: Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien AG re-elected. Michael Zimmer confirmed as Chairman.

  • Annual General Meeting resolves dividend of EUR 3.04

Under item 6 of the agenda, “Resolution on the election of new Supervisory Board members”, the Annual General Meeting of LEG Immobilien AG today voted individually to re-elect the following persons to the Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien AG:

Natalie C. Hayday, Frankfurt, Managing Director of 7Square GmbH

Stefan Jütte, Bonn, former CEO of Deutsche Postbank AG

Dr Johannes Ludewig, Berlin, Chairman of the German National Regulatory Control Council in the Federal Chancellery

Dr Jochen Scharpe, Munich, Managing Partner of AMCI GmbH and Managing Partner of Re-Turn Immobilien GmbH

Michael Zimmer, Pulheim, Managing Partner of FAIR GmbH

The new term of office ends with the Annual General Meeting in 2023. The Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien AG consists of six members in total. The sixth member of the Supervisory Board is still Dr Claus Nolting. 

Immediately after the Annual General Meeting, the re-elected Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien AG unanimously voted Michael Zimmer as its Chairman. Stefan Jütte was again elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The committees formed by the Supervisory Board were similarly confirmed in their previous composition. 

At today’s Annual General Meeting of LEG AG, the shareholders also agreed with the proposal by the Supervisory Board and the Management Board of LEG Immobilien AG to distribute a dividend of EUR 3.04 for the 2017 financial year, which is 28 cents more than in the previous year.

Around 140 participants had accepted LEG Immobilien AG’s invitation to attend the meeting in Dusseldorf; 69.96% of the voting capital was represented in total.  

The detailed results of voting by the Annual General Meeting and the dividend announcement can be found at our Website. (https://www.leg-wohnen.de/en/corporation/investor-relations/annual-general-meeting/2018)

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With around 130,000 rental properties and approximately 350,000 residents, LEG is one of Germany’s leading listed housing companies. The company has eight branch offices in North Rhine-Westphalia, providing personal local contact. LEG generated rental and lease income of around EUR 796 million in the 2017 financial year.

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