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Ich arbeite gerne bei der LEG, weil mir durch ständige Weiterentwicklung des Unternehmens immer neue Aufgaben und Herausforderungen geboten werden.

Volker Fischer, Kundencenter Münster-Süd

Volker Fischer

Our management team is exemplary. Over 30% of them are women: Equality is not just a buzzword; we live it.

What defines our management team: They stand behind and support their teams, take time, know their employees and value them not just as "workers", but also as human beings by supporting them in day-to-day operations. They support every individual in collaboration with our colleague from the human resources department. If, and when, constructive criticism is applied, it is always given respectfully and with the intent of learning. Clear leadership principles provide orientation for our leadership team and employees.

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